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An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent does not list any homes.

Are you looking for the best buy in real estate in Greenville SC? Are you relocating to Greenville SC and have no idea where to buy? Are you looking for a Luxury Greenville home and are afraid you will pay too much?

Are you a first time home buyer and need an Experienced Greenville Realtor to guide you through the buying process? Or are you just tired of working with a realtor who is not working in your best interest but is working for the seller? I can help.

I’m Don Wessel and I am an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent for Greenville SC Real Estate. What is an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent? An exclusive buyer’s agent does not list any homes and is bound to work in the buyer’s best interest.

I have a fiduciary duty to work for the buyer and there is no charge to you for my service!

Folks, there are a lot of realtors in Greenville SC but not many are exclusive buyer’s agents. I am a member in good standing with the Greenville SC Association of Realtors, South Carolina Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Council (REBAC). Click Buyer Agency for more information.

If you want someone on your side to help you purchase real estate in Greenville SC, please give me a call or you can email me at donwessel@gmail.com. If you would just like to look with no obligation then please use my quick search or click JUST LISTED to see what’s new on the market!

Fall For Greenville 2014!

“Woke up this morning – no, it WASN’T A DREAM – we really ARE homeowners
in Greenville,SC
- can’t thank you enough, Don! Regards, 

You are never required to register or give personal information to view any listings here.

So, do you want to know what the first question is I get when someone calls from New Jersey because they are tired of paying those high taxes or someone from Florida who wants to be a half backer?  Don, what’s the best area to buy in?  Yep, that’s the first question.  Nice folks who want to relocate to Greenville always have that question.  They contact a few Greenville SC Realtors to find out exactly where the best Real Estate in Greenville South Carolina is!!!

Well I’m going to answer that question!  It depends…. What I’m getting at is that it really all depends on what you want.

Folks, all areas have their pluses and minuses.
  You ask most anyone where the best place to live in Greenville is and everyone is going to have their own opinion, especially Greenville Realtors with a home to sell. Guess what my job is? 
TO POINT OUT THOSE PLUSES AND MINUSES.  Are some areas better than others, yes.
That’s why you need an exclusive buyer’s agent on your side! I’ve helped people buy in Downtown Greenville, homes with acreage in the country, horse farms, condos and townhomes. What I’m getting at is, there are a lot of nice places to live and I’ll try and help you based on your budget, wants and needs….hey, that’s what I do!  I’ve helped 300+ buyers with their home purchase. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, first time home buyers, investors, realtors, retirees, nice people with Greenville Hospital System, Fluor Daniel, Greenville School System, you name it and I just may have helped.  If you are searching for a home in the Greenville area, get a Realtor who specializes as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, I’m your agent!

e797743b02bb3e5fb68699c0734857e1_3872Riverplace, Greenville SC!

“George & Jane from South New Jersey. The other reviews cannot express how we really feel about Don, not only as a buyer’s agent, but a friend.  We found Don on the internet, one phone call and we immediately new that he was the agent for us.  We….”

94681e0954e063625146babe10939bad_o2u2_5swaWalking the Dog in Downtown Greenville SC!

“Don is the agent you want working for you if buying in the Greenville area as he really knows this part of the state. He is a very, very patient man…”

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