August 14

Good morning!  Blogging you from Downtown Greenville SC again!  Good to be back, my company moved to just a few blocks off main street and man is it nice.  So anyway I’ll be down here early every morning telling you what’s going on and giving you the inside story on real estate in the Greenville area!

First though I wanted to mention a great lady I just assisted in buying a townhome in downtown Greenville.  She was kind enough to post a couple of reviews and I thought I’d pass along the one she put on Zillow….

Don Wessel,  Greenville SC Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Review.

Thanks Edie!!!  It’s easy helping good people!
July 25:

Good morning!  I get the question “what areas do you work in?” a lot and folks I have helped buyers in a lot of different areas.  Anderson, Pickens, Laurens, Spartanburg and Oconee Counties!  Why?  Well I have buyers from all over the country contacting me and they are interested in different areas.

Now my main focus is on Greenville County.  Why? Well, that’s where most people want to be and really it’s the best bet in real estate in my opinion.  You want to buy where real estate is holding steady and Greenville has fared well even with the downturn a few years back.

I hope we have a nice weekend.  We have has some rain lately but hey I’m not complaining.  Everything is green and pretty!  Going to be taking off for a little vacation next week at Hilton Head!  Don’t worry I’ve got someone covering for me if you need help!  I’ll also have my phone with me (of course) so call me if you have a question.

Here’s a shot of my friend who lives behind the condo we rent!


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