August 15

Good morning from beautiful downtown Greenville.  Having a big cup of coffee and getting ready to meet some buyers this afternoon and more tomorrow.  Gonna be an absolutely wonderful day, no rain in sight!


Folks, I’ve got to tell you, Greenville is just thriving and more and more people are contacting me which is good but here’s the problem and I’m running in to this a lot lately.  Some buyers want to come visit and “look” at homes and I certainly understand this but when I do a tour for people I really try to do a brief overview of the area and hit the hot spots.  This also gives us an opportunity to meet and discuss my services and what I do for buyers.

I’ll drive through downtown, shopping and some neighborhoods.   Now some people really want to go through a number of homes.  Folks, I’ve got to tell you I just don’t think it’s right to schedule homes when you are not a qualified buyer.  Imagine if you are the seller and 10 agents a week brought “lookers” through your home.  I think you get my point…

Anyway, I’ve got to work on a few things so I really hope you have a great weekend!



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