August 22

My wife said thank goodness it’s Friday this morning!  Well guess what weekends are just as busy as other days for me cause I’ve got a couple coming in tomorrow morning and we are starting at 9am!  Gonna be a long one but I hope productive.  Probably end up viewing 10 or 12 homes.  They need to buy so we gotta do good! 

On another note, one of my favorite beach music bands was at the TD stage on the river last night. Yep, Swinging Medallions were out there with a little “Double Shot of My Baby’s Love.  Other news, I saw a headline that a “Google Trekker” was out the other day photographing around Falls Bridge on the river.  I guess they are taking google maps to places where cars can’t go!!!

You know folks, I love getting into the office early.  Nice seeing the sun come up on downtown Greenville, really a charming place… come visit!

In closing I just came across this pic of two of my favorite buddies that had to be put down this year.  Hershey and Max, I loved those dogs.  Miss um…


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