August 25

Good morning folks, I hope you had a great weekend.  I did.  Showed homes Saturday and Sunday with two different buyers.  Hey, I tell you the market is changing, we are moving into a seller’s market, why?  It’s Greenville and the demand is starting to outpace the sellers.  Particularly in the good areas.  I’d come on and buy now if I were you.

Hey, want to vent a bit.  You know, seems like everybody wants to be a buyer’s agent now. It’s really becoming the thing.  Except, well they really aren’t buyer’s agents.  Let me give you a perfect example, there’s an agent who for years bills himself on the internet as a buyer’s agent.  He comes up fairly high in the rankings.  Well I just looked at his inventory yesterday and he has 7 active listings! Really, I mean really.  You call yourself a buyer’s agent yet you have 7 active listings in the MLS?  Say what?  So are you really a buyer’s agent or a listing agent?  I mean inquiring minds want to know.  

Now get this.  Zillow has caught on too and they have page after page of Greenville buyer’s agents!  Really, I mean really?  Folks, what you want is an exclusive buyer’s agent, an agent who does not list any homes and never has a conflict of interest. The reason that buyer agency is so popular now is that there are so many people relocating here and all kinds of agents want to pick up the buyers by enticing them with their “buyer agency” label.  

I’ve been an exclusive buyer’s agent for most all of my career and helped over 300 BUYERS find homes in the area.  That means that I’m not a jack of all trades and a master of none...  So why don’t more agents practice exclusive buyer agency?  Money, hey it’s hard for me to turn down listings from past buyers and that’s money I’m missing, but if I took them…. well I just wouldn’t be true to my story now, would I?


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