Does Your Buyer’s Agent Know?

Does Your Buyer’s Agent Know The Area?

Why it’s important to use a buyer’s agent who works many different areas.

There is a huge difference between a listing agent and a buyer’s agent in their thought process. I have listed before and I know. Most realtors who are listing agents pick a Greenville area or neighborhood to work. The listing agent will pick the area then completely focus on that area or neighborhood, flooding the area with marketing material and learning as much about the area as possible. There is good and bad to this, yes they learn to know the neighborhood or area but mostly lose sight of the big picture. In other words they come to believe that their area is the best.

While I will agree that some areas may be better than others, there really is no best and it all depends on what your needs and goals, and lifestyle is. For instance some areas that agents like to push are fine, but they don’t always mention problems like traffic, etc.

Folks, what I’m getting at is there are always positives and negatives. If I’m a listing agent I am not going to talk about negatives, why would I? The listing agent’s job is to get the home sold! Period!

As a buyers agent, I can pretty much get a feel if there is value in the home right when I walk in it and if the home pricing is in line. To double check my gut feeling I always default to the comps. That’s the accountant in me. But let me tell you it is much more than just numbers. It’s experience, knowing the market and having sold homes from Pickens to Laurens! I comp homes not just in the neighborhood but based on availability in other areas. I also take into consideration what I feel like are market trends and resale. It is all about supply and demand. Now I can’t read the future but I have a pretty good feel for where the real value is.

Hope this helps! I’m off to preview some homes for low country buyer!

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