Can’t Serve Two Masters!

So are you a listing agent or buyers agent???

Ok, I’m going to vent for a minute. I don’t understand how realtors who list properties consider themselves buyer agents?? Have you heard the old saying you can’t serve two masters, well it is particularly so in this business. That’s why I tell people to never buy from the listing agent. I’ve mentioned this before but I think it needs repeating. We have this thing in South Carolina that somebody somewhere came up with called Dual Agency. Say what? In a nutshell it allows the agent to sorta represent both parties in the transaction, but actually what it calls for is for the agent to be “neutral” not favoring one party over the other. Really?

So you have a listing agent who has worked hard to get the house listed, or worse yet maybe even a friend of the seller. Along comes a buyer who agrees to dual agency. And the listing agent is going to stay neutral? I guess there’s always a possibility that could happen, but why take the chance? Engage a buyers agent. I have no agenda, all I care about is helping you make the best decision based on what you tell me. I don’t have a house to sell nor a seller to answer to. I don’t get paid more for selling Remax listings. I’ve sold from Laurens to Pickens, from Spartanburg to Greenville to Anderson. Greer, Simpsonville, Taylors, Travelers Rest. Here’s the thing. Because of the nature of my buyer clients, who come from New York to Florida, from Georgia to Texas to California, I go where they want to go and assist them in making that good decision.