Condo Mania in Downtown Greenville SC!

Condo Mania in Downtown Greenville SC!

Yep, that’s what I said, condos in downtown Greenville South Carolina are on fire…  Why you ask?  Well, everybody wants to be in downtown Greenville and condos are the way to go.  Now I know there are a lot of apartment choices but why go that way if you can afford to buy?  I’ve currently got 4 condos under contract in the downtown Greenville area.  I thought I’d write a little bit about the different locations.  Enjoy!

220 Riverplace Flats:

You better hurry, the is the last place to buy directly on the river.  And what a place, I mean man what luxurious downtown condo living.  Folks, everything is top notch here.  I’ve got one on the fifth floor under contract with a great couple who have been renting downtown for over a year now.  These units start at $1,300,000 and go to $1,775,000 for a top floor unit.  Nothing is spared here folks.  My buyers and I got the complete tour and had the pleasure of meeting with the designer to see exactly how these condos would dress out!

These are going to be custom designed and decorated from the walls in.  You want a fireplace here or over there, you got it.  Views?  Oh yeah, best available.

220 Riverplace Flats For Sale

220 Riverplace Greenville SC condos

Panorama from the 5th Floor!

Lofts at Mills Mill:

Lofts at Mills Mill are really coming back strong after some declines in 07 and 08.  Although a little further out you can catch Greenlink to the main downtown area.  I’ve got a very nice intern who will be working at Greenville Hospital buying there and a first time home buyer who is getting a great deal on a one bedroom.  He is very excited!

Lofts at Mills Mills Condos

The Brio Condos in Downtown Greenville:

The Brio is making a strong comeback too as prices rise and condo inventory tries to keep up with demand.  I’ve got a very nice lady who has been renting in the downtown area who is about to retire and wants to be able to walk to everything.  Hey I don’t blame her!  You gotta love downtown Greenville South Carolina.

The Brio Condos for Sale in Downtown Greenville SC


Hey folks, if you are in the market for a condo in downtown Greenville, please call me.  I’ve helped first time home buyers to retirees and all in between buy in downtown Greenville.  I’m your exclusive buyer’s agent and I’m here to help.