Do You have a Quality Realtor in Greenville SC?

Quality Realtors in Greenville SC?


It’s time to vent a bit.  The market is on fire, hey I get it.  And yes there are 4 times as many realtors in Greenville SC as there was when I started.  So, should that effect the quality of service you get from a Greenville Realtor?

I would hope not, but in realty it does.  First of all there are a lot of realtors selling homes in Greenville who are either new, don’t know the area or have just moved here.  I’m going to give you a few examples of some recent things that have happened over the last few months to illustrate my point.

I recently posted here about a couple who bought new construction with me.  If you read that post I’ve got an example of a realtor hurting their seller’s position by not understanding an appraisal or not taking the time to read it.  There’s more to that story and I’ll add it here.  My buyers actually put in an offer on another home before they contacted me with another company.  It was a very nice home priced in the $500,000 range.  I’m going to make a long story short but their agent did not present the offer in a timely fashion and the home went under contract with another buyer.  They were absolutely livid.  I could speculate as to why this happened but I can’t prove it so I won’t.  The buyer’s got fed up and contacted me and are very happy with their purchase.

Now this particular company is getting a reputation for letting offers sit or expire.  I’m certainly not going to call names because the Greenville gods of real estate would be down on me hard.  But from first hand knowledge an agent in my office has had no less than 6 offers expire when the agent from the other company didn’t reply in a timely fashion.  I personally put in an offer with this company a few weeks ago, gave the agent 24 hours to respond and had not heard a word from him up to 5 minutes before the offer expired.  I called, no answer.  I texted and he responded that he could not get the seller.  I extended the offer by 4 hours and 5 minutes later the agent said the seller had accepted another offer.

I just presented an offer for a very sweet 82 year old lady from Tennessee who was trying to relocate to get closer to family.  She had phoned the listing agent twice inquiring about the property.  NEVER GOT A CALL BACK.  She found me and asked me to help her.  She drove in from TN and I wrote it up for her.  I called the listing agent twice before making the offer.  NEVER GOT A CALL BACK.  I wrote up the offer, emailed it to the listing agent, notified her and asked that she confirm she got the offer.  NO RESPONSE.  We had on only given about 10 hours to respond because my buyer needed to get back home.

Later that afternoon I get an email from the agent saying that she just noticed the offer expires at 5pm and she wasn’t sure she could get a response by then (it was 1pm) and did I still want her to present it (agent was at the beach)?  Now let those last words sink in folks, “do you still want me to present it”  I really don’t know what to say here.  One of the first things you learn in real estate is that ALL OFFERS MUST BE PRESENTED.  Now folks, that even includes verbal offers which are not binding.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with all real estate transactions going on in Greenville, but boy it sure is frustrating sometime when I’m trying to help buyers.  I hate to tell you but this is turning into a seller’s market.  You need an exclusive buyer’s agent now more than ever…. Call me.

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