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Condos for Sale in Greenville SC is the place to start for downtown Greenville living. I’m Don Wessel, let me be your tour guide and exclusive buyer’s agent for these Luxury Greenville SC condos for sale. Why? Because I’ve helped numerous people buy condos in downtown Greenville!

And remember, I never require you to sign up to look at Greenville SC Condos!

If you are considering relocating to Greenville SC and love the downtown area as much as I do then there are many options for condos for sale. Let’s get started with a few of the condos for sale in Greenville SC:

Below are some of the condos for sale in downtown Greenville SC that have come on the market in the last 60 days.

Be Sure to Check Walk Scores, Google Street view and Commute Times!


If you want to see the entire current market of downtown condos click Downtown Greenville SC Condos for Saleincludes condos under contract with contingencies.If you want to see the entire current market for condos in Greenville SC city limits click: Greenville SC Condos for Sale in City Limits.

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Friends, I have a lot of experience with condos in Greenville.  I’m certainly not the only real estate agent that has sold downtown condos.  But… what makes me different?  None of these Greenville SC condo listings are mine!  Why should that matter to you?  As an exclusive buyer’s agent, I have a fiduciary duty to work in your best interest! I do not list any properties.  I’m not trying to sell you any particular condo in Greenville!  I’m here to help you buy the best condo in Greenville SC that meets your budget, wants and needs!

Greenville SC Condo Fees and Information:

Condos for sale in Greenville SC fees normally include the following but as a buyer’s agent I would certainly verify exactly what you are getting for your money depending on complex.  The thing is folks, listing agents can and do make mistakes.  All documents should be reviewed before making a good decision on a condo in Greenville:

Most condos fees include outside maintenance, grounds insurance, termite coverage.  Some will include some utilities. Again, part of my job as your exclusive buyer’s agent is to help you verify those items. With that being said, I thought I’d list some average fees for the most popular condos for sale in Greenville SC below:

121 Rhett St.: To be determined. 155 Riverplace: $300s/month.
400 North Main: mid $300s/mo. and up Brick St. Lofts: mid 100s/mo.
623 North Main: $2,200ish/yr. Cityhomes at Markley: $1,500ish/yr.
Cityhomes at McBee: $300-mid 400s/mo. Court St. Condos: Mid 100s/mo and up
Davenport Condos: Mid 100s/mo. and up Field House: Mid 100s -200s/mo.
Lofts at Mills Mill: Mid 100s/mo.-400s/mo McDaniel Green: $200s/mo-300s/mo.
North Park: Mid 100s/mo. Pendleton West: Mid 100s/mo.
Poinsett Corners: Mid $200s/mo- $300s/mo. Ridgeland at the Park: $400s and up
Terrace at Riverplace: $400s/mo and up The Bookends: $100s -$400s/mo.
The Brio: $100s/mo-$400s mo. The Brownstones: Mid $100s and up
The Custom House: mid $300s/mo. and up The Edge: mid $100s mo.-$200s mo.
The Elements: Mid $100s/mo. and up The Park Downtown:$100s/mo and up
University Ridge: Mid $100s/mo. and up Village at Towns: $100/mo.
University Ridge: Mid $100s/mo. and up Village at Towns: $100/mo.
Virginia Condos:  Mid $100s/mo. and up