First Time Home Buyer’s are Buying in Greenville SC!

First time home buyer’s are buying in Greenville and enjoying this market!

Good morning!  Hey, I’ve had a great year so far and a lot of that success has come from helping first time home buyers in the Greenville Market!  I just had a closing yesterday with a young couple getting married in a couple of months.  It’s so rewarding to see the transaction through between offer and closing.

And hey folks, there is a lot that goes on in that time frame.  Of course we first have to find a home, then decide on our offer price, then there are decisions to be made.




Then, just understanding how the contract works and how issues should be handled.  First time home buyers need a lot of help and I’m there to help them.  I just helped the couple below and they are tickled pink about their home.  A nice back yard and porch were very important and we found just the thing in the Simpsonville area.  Nice big landscaped back yard, large screened in porch.  Built in 2002 and sold by the original owners.  My couple has already ordered new hardwoods for the master.  Will do some painting too and tidying up before he moves in.  Then she will join him after the marriage.

What a great way to get started!  If you are a first time home buyer in the Greenville area, call me, I’ll be glad to help!

First Time Home Buyers

Closing at the Cogdill Law Firm with this great couple, Chris Cogdill, Sarah Rohrssen and yep that’s me with the gray hair, see what this business will do to you!