First Time Home Buyers in Greenville SC!

Wanted to write a little about First Time Home Buyers in Greenville SC!

I really enjoy working with all types of buyers but I really enjoy working with first time home buyers in the Greenville South Carolina.  And I’m actually working with two first time home buyers now.  I just helped a young lady put a home in the North Main area of Greenville under contract.  And I’ve got a very nice young lady who works at Clemson that I am trying to find a condo for.

So why do I enjoy first time home buyers?  Well, these buyers probably need the most help.  Do you remember when you bought your first home?  I do and let me tell you a little story:

Many years ago my wife and I were trying to buy our first home in Greenville.  We were looking in the Augusta Rd. area of Greenville.  Now this was way before buyer agency, so naturally we just contacted the listing agent on a home we really liked: a cute 3 bedroom bungalo.  Oh yeah, there were a lot less expensive then 🙂 . Anywho, we made an offer through the listing agent, again no buyer agency at the time.  Well we waited and waited and didn’t hear anything, so after 3 days I called the “agent”, and she said that we didn’t get it.

Well ok, but here’s where I get steamed.  Come to find out the home had 7 offers on it!!!  Say what! 7 offers!!! We were never notified there were other offers on the home.  Out of courtesy I would have thought I’d been told in case I wanted to raise my offer.  Nope, not a word.  Like I’ve said before and I’ll say again, the listing agent is always working for the seller.  Now had I been savvy enough to ask if there were other offers, she would have had a duty to tell me.

So, here’s exactly why you need a buyer’s agent, especially if you are a first time home buyer.  You don’t know what questions to ask.  You don’t know what the comps are.  You don’t know nor do you understand the contract for sale.  I mean I can go on, but really if you are buying your first home in Greenville SC, please give me a call.  864-335-8490.

Ya’ll have a good one!

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