Greenville SC Housing Market on The Rise!

Good morning!  I’ve been saying for some time now that real estate activity in the Greenville area is up… How can I tell, well by two of the best years I’ve had in real estate.  In my opinion the last 3 to 4 years have been good but I guess I don’t really gauge it on housing starts in Greenville.

But looks like from the recent meeting of the National Association of Home Builders in Greenville yesterday that it’s predicted that single family housing starts will grow by 17% this year.  Hey, that’s a whole lot of great new homes for sale in Greenville SC!  The interesting thing is that this would bring supply and demand close to being equal as it was in 2003.  I just help a lot more buyers with resales than new construction but I tell you that is changing having helped a number of buyers with new builds last year.

Business is starting good this year too with a couple that just contracted on a new build in the Pebble Creek area.  According to David Crow chief economist of the NHBA “the biggest positive in Greenville is a strong employment market!”  Ugh, well…. no kidding!  Sorry for wearing you out with it but I’m simply amazed with the positive things that have happened in Greenville South Carolina over the last 35 years when I first arrived!

So what’s up for today, getting ready to run a little price analysis for a first time home buyer that I am helping on her first townhome!  Check back tomorrow and I’ll share how I look at pricing.  Best!

Hey, go get your run on in Cleveland park and wrap up!

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