Greenville SC Real Estate 2015 Year in Review

Greenville SC Real Estate, 2015!

Good morning from beautiful but cold Greenville SC.  I want to review 2015 results in the Greenville SC Real Estate Market.

Last year was the best of my career.  A lot of agents will tell you the same.  Real estate and home sales really took off last year and we will review some of the numbers that may be of interest to you buyers out there!

My criteria is residential home sales including condos and townhomes, listed at $100,000 and up in Greenville County.  I’ll let you know a little later why I’m limiting it to Greenville County.

There were 6,325 closed sales with an average sold price of $237,884.  High was $2,800,000.  The average days on the market was 66 or two months.  There was a whopping $1,504,621,473 worth of real estate sold just in Greenville County in 2015!!!

So, the numbers don’t really mean anything by themselves without some comparison to 2014.

Number of sales up 13%

Average sold price up 1.6%

High sale up 24%

Total sales dollars up 15%

Average days on the market down 12%

What does it mean?  Well, Iike I’ve been telling you all along.  Prices are rising and time on the market is going down. There are a lot of buyers in the Greenville market now and inventory is low.  But I really predict it rising as spring comes around.  Sellers understand the market is ripe now and you will be seeing a lot of homes coming on from now through summer.

Now I’d like to tell you why I only use Greenville county.  Because Greenville real estate is really only about Greenville county and particularly close to Greenville.  For instance in my homes for sale video on my home page, I said that homes sell at about 96% of list price in Greenville county.  Well folks, that is for the Greenville MLS and that includes Spartanburg, Pickens, Anderson, Laurens and Oconee counties.  That skews it.  Real estate sold to list price is tighter than that in Greenville County, especially as you get closer to downtown Greenville.  I just made two offers at list price because of competitive situations in Greenville.

Folks, really it’s all about location, isn’t it?  Hey if you’d like a exclusive buyer’s agent on your side, please call me. This year is starting off better than last!

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