Greenville SC Real Estate Forecast for 2018

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!  I normally recap the previous years sales but I thought I’d give you my Greenville SC Real Estate forecast for 2018 as my first post of the year.  Hold on to your britches…

I recently had a nice fellow from Denver contact me regarding condos in downtown Greenville.  He was interested in buying and I sent him the current inventory.  His comment was that he was afraid at $300 /sq. ft. he would be buying at the top of the market.  Folks, I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been hearing this, well I can… 17. $300 is not even close to the market right now for condos in Greenville that are selling $400+ per sq. ft.  So if you can find something at $250-$300 you might want to jump on it.

So where is Real Estate in Greenville SC headed this year?  We are still on the up and up.  Prices will continue to rise and inventories will continue to be low.  Why is this?  Well let’s go back to our freshman Econ 101 course.  Supply vs demand…, simple.  Add to the fact that Greenville SC is one of the top destinations to visit and live and you have a  recipe for “don’t wait”.

They ain’t growing any more land is so true.  Desirable neighborhoods and locations will continue to reap the most benefit of this hot market.  And the closer you are to downtown Greenville the more you will pay.  I’m seeing a lot of real estate speculation in the downtown areas.  North Main to Augusta Rd.  Old homes that have been nicely renovated have seen tremendous appreciation of the last 10 years.  Some new condos are being priced upwards of $500 per sq. ft.

Folks, barring any economic catastrophe Greenville SC should continue to be a good choice and a fabulous place to live, retire or raise a family.  If you want to keep up with new real estate listings as they come on the market then just click

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Ya’ll take care now and call me if you need and Exclusive Buyer’s Agent on your side!


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