I Know Greenville SC better than you!

Good morning and happy day after Tax Day!  How depressing, anywho let’s move on.

Folks, I’ve been here about 30 years and like I mentioned in a current video, I was here when Greenville wasn’t cool.  So, if you are from out of town and looking to buy a home in the Greenville SC area, I can help.  Here’s the thing though, I know the area better than you.  30 years helps.

I say that because on many occasions I have people from a different states contact me to look for real estate.  Generally, we will have a meeting to discuss their wants and needs.  Usually they will have a few homes for sale that they want to go look for.  Then I’ll run a search in the MLS and recommend some of my own.  Most of the time we will look at a fair amount of homes.  Some I will like, some the buyer will like and hopefully some we will both like….Here’s the thing though, I have to balance what the buyer wants with what in my opinion I think is best.

You see, I know the area better than you.  And like I’ve mentioned before there are many pluses and minuses to consider in a lot of different things, not only area.  If we look at enough properties then you will get a feel for value.  That’s what I want.  You will get a feel for areas, traffic.  You really should go and talk with the school admin. if you have children.  Buying a home is a process, and I think some buyers get frustrated if first time we go out I don’t show them exactly what they “think” they should have.  When they give me time, they always learn it’s just a process and will work out with the right amount of patience.

Ya’ll have a good, one I’ve got two inspections, a showing with a new buyer and a final walk through.


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