July 21

Man it’s been a very busy year!  I haven’t posted nearly as much as I’ve wanted to but I’ve got some major upgrades coming to my site that I think you will be excited about. First though, let’s review year to date figures for the Greenville SC MLS.

Closed sales are up 2.4% from last year.
Days on the Market is down 5.9%
Average Sales Price is up 6.2%
Inventory of Homes is up 12.6%

Although this spring over all is not as brisk at last year, I’m seeing more activity. Mainly because there’s a good demand for exclusive buyer’s agents and folks there just really aren’t that many out there. Exclusive agents don’t list homes!

The first thing I’m going to be working on is upgrading my search function.  This is going to take some hard work but I think you will really enjoy the results.  Hey, call me if you need some advice, come visit if you’d like to tour the area.  Don.


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