Let’s Time the Market

Let’s Time The Market

Market timing for real estate is just as difficult as timing the stock market. Unlike stocks, real estate is local. Folks, I can’t say enough about this. Here in Greenville we get a little bit tired of the doom and gloom from the national media about real estate as a whole. Again, real estate is local. I visited with some past clients who want to sell their home this spring and want to do it as a For Sale By Owner. They bought from me about 4 years ago in a nice popular neighborhood. Their son in going to college next year and just wants to downsize a bit. So let’s see, will they make any money on their home, you know the media tells us our housing market is the worse since whenever they can come up with.

My past clients asked me what is normal appreciation in Greenville. Folks I can’t say because even local markets come down to areas, but they should turn a decent profit and they have had a wonderful home to live in for the past 5 years. Remember home ownership is much more than the investment, although in my opinion it is the best investment you can make. I can’t think of anyone that has lost money in their home if they will hold it a normal holding period of at least 5 years. Can you think of anyone that has lost money in the stock market.

Here’s the thing folks, real estate is tangible, it’s something you can feel and touch. Hey you know what? It’s actually something you enjoy and raise a family in. It’s something that you can walk out on the back deck with your morning coffee and watch the sun come up. It’s a place you can cook that steak and have a bottle of wine with the one you love.

Most importantly, real estate can’t be devalued in seconds by large institutional investors using computer trading programs. I know where I’d rather have my money…Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow God willing!

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