MLS Zones Explained

MLS Zones Explained

Thought I’d write about the Greenville MLS for a bit. I am inserting a map of the areas that the Greenville MLS covers.

Greenville SC MLS Area Map

The Greenville MLS is broken up into numbered areas. What you see above is pretty much what you get. For instance if I’m looking for a home for a client in Simpsonville I’d go to area 32. Downtown Greenville…area 76. If I have someone who wants to be a little further out in the country I may head up to area 13 or 14 up Hwy. 14 or 290 or 101 in Greer. A lot of people really like the Wren school district, then I’m heading towards Powdersville area 54 or part of 55. West Greenville, 51 or 60. I have sold homes and properties in Spartanburg too, area 33. I guess what I’m getting at as a person looking to relocate to the Greenville area, that map or area doesn’t mean a thing to you. That’s why you need a buyers agent working on your side! Below is a map of the above but much more detailed.

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