More reasons to get an Exclusive Buyers Agent in Greenville!

Get An Exclusive Buyers Agent!

Good morning folks!  Hey, I just had an interesting experience and wanted to write about the importance of having and exclusive buyer’s agent on your side (once again).  There are plenty of realtors in Greenville but a buyer’s agent just may keep you out of sticky situations.

Had a very nice couple I met a couple of weeks ago and we looked at two homes.  They really liked one so we made an offer.  We went back and forth a couple of times and finally the seller verbally agreed to a price.  My buyers were pretty happy because they really liked the home and I thought it was a great floor plan in exactly the area they wanted to be in.

Well, I had my people initial the price change on the contract and sent it to the listing agent to get the owner to sign.  The listing agent calls me back the next day saying the owner has changed her mind!  Folks, in all my career I’ve never had a seller back away from a verbal agreement.  So this was a huge red flag for me.  After some talking, my people decided they really wanted the home so offered $2,000 more than was agreed on.

The seller agreed and signed the contract.  So… we are not really getting off on a good foot here.  I started picking up some other things through the listing agent that wasn’t sitting well with me but he assured me this was a solid deal.

So we schedule inspection and had a very difficult time getting in.  The owner wasn’t being very cooperative at all.  Another red flag.  My inspector goes to the home and basically the owner won’t let him in.  The owner wanted us to reschedule in two weeks when she was back in town.  The problem is my buyers had to give notice on their apartment before doing the inspections now.  That’s just not going to happen.  Let me just make a long story short.

Had my buyers not had someone on their side reading between the lines they may have stayed in a contract that had little chance of closing.  We were to close in January about 7 days before they had to be out of their apartment.  Folks, we withdrew based on my feelings that this was not going to work out. This is just a gut feeling for me having been involved with 100s of sellers over my career.  The question is had the buyers been working with the listing agent would they have been convinced to stay in the contract?  Probably so.  Always get an exclusive Buyer’s Agent on your side when shopping for Greenville SC Real Estate!

I’m a big believer in better safe than sorry.  Hey, we’ll fine another one.  It always works out for the best!