New Home Construction in Taylors SC

Good morning everyone.  I just had a closing with a great couple who are relocating from the Asheville area.  I met them back in February and we looked at a number of resales.  We then decided to try some new construction in Riverbend Estates in Taylors SC.  I’m always a little nervous about new construction, particularly in developing areas but we went anyway.

Well, I’m pleased to say that we just closed this beautiful home last week and they are tickled!  They went ahead and added a pool too!  I’ll tell you, I’m real happy for them and the builder went above and beyond, so that really pleased me.

As an aside I want to add a story about working with this coupleYou know truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  Ok, we actually found a home near Lake Robinson that they liked.  It showed well, had a pool and pretty yard.  Now, I’m going by memory but I think the home was priced around $475,000.  Personally, I thought it was nice but I was concerned about pricing and having a tough time comping it.  It was just that there were some low sales in the neighborhood that were hurting pricing.

I think we make an offer somewhere around $425,000.  I think they countered at something like $470,000.

So, now get this.  I call the listing agent and ask if they happen to have an appraisal on file because I’m having a tough time with pricing.  Lo and behold, they do.  She asks the owner for it and emails it to me.  I was out showing and it came in on my phone and I just forwarded it to my buyers without looking at it.  So later that day I get a call from my buyer who is dumbfounded!!!  The appraisal is at $425,000!!  So in good faith and because my buyers are in a bit of a jam they offer $430,000.

Here’s where it gets surreal.  The seller counters at $465,000.  I’m like, “say what”???  So I call the listing agent and say “you realize the home appraised at $425,000.  Get this, she starts arguing with me telling me it’s worth $465,000.  I said, “did you look at the appraisal?”  She’s getting snippy now…. I’m like wow!  So, I pull open the report and look at it.  Everybody sit down now.  She is looking at REPLACEMENT COST which is $464,700.  The actual value as it stands is $425,000.

Folks, we moved on and found this new construction.  She calls me about a week later saying they are willing to come down.  I tell you folks, I wonder how some people get out of the bed and make it to work in the morning…

Below is the new construction my buyers purchased.  Have a great day!!!Taylors SC New ConstructionTaylors SC HomesTaylors SC New Construction

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