New Yorkers Love Greenville SC Real Estate Taxes!

Good morning folks, and very happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Hey, you know, I had a very nice family in from the New York area last week.  The gentleman was a COO for a Hedge Fund and works on Madison Ave.  He and his wife and son were visiting the area.  Why, well it’s Greenville South Carolina of course!

He is thinking about retiring and he’s just tired of the cold winters, the traffic, the cost of living and all that goes with that area.  I’ve actually helped a number of people buy from the New York area.  Anywho, we got to talking about taxes… and you know what he pays in real estate taxes on his home?  Oh, come on guess.  Really, guess… Ok, I’ll tell you… $36,0000 a year!  Ok, I’m getting up off the floor now….

Now, I know it’s all relative but $36,000 a year?  I mean…. come on, really?  Well, to make a long story short, they liked Greenville and I even sent them up to Lake Keowee to visit with a real estate buddy of mine.  And guess what, they loved that too!  So, the seed is planted and I bet you they just may end up with a home in Greenville South Carolina before it’s all over with and save about $30,000 in real estate taxes a year. Not to mention a vacation spot on Lake Keowee just for fun!

Friends, Greenville SC is a great place to call home. Call me, come visit and let me show you why!

Since it’s Monday, I thought I’d just say slow down a minute and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation when you have a minute!


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