O’brother Are You Converted?

Captured And Converted!

Do you want to be a captured lead? This is a funny term and you hear about it all the time in sales. Captured lead comes from Forced Registration. Forced registration is when you have to sign up on a realtor web site to even “look” at properties. Most realtor web sites do this…why? They want to capture leads….you. You know, put you on an email list, call you, send you stuff so they can turn the captured lead into a prospect and maybe even into a buyer. Folks, I could go into a whole page why I don’t require a log in to just look but here it is in a nut shell. You will contact me when and if you are interested in working with me, it’s just that simple. So tell your friends, there is no required login to view properties here and there never has been. (I’ve had this site a long time). Now you can sign up for an account and save properties, get email alerts etc, but that’s up to you. Looking’s FREE!

Excellence is measured by inches and I’ve read that the difference between good and great or amateur and pro is less than 10%, but it is just that little more that changes the outcome. So what makes the difference in the good and the great. Partly I think is the passion and love of what you do. The other is practice. A love of mine is photography but just like anything else it takes practice. Another passion is real estate and just like photography it takes practice too. But another factor it takes is specialization. Folks, you can’t be a jack of all trades, you know, listing agent one day, buyer’s agent the next. I mean it’s sorta like oil and vinegar. One day working for the seller, the next the buyer. And Lord forbid you’re working for both (dual agency). Just a few light thoughts for the weekend.

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