Real Estate Sales Update for Greenville SC Year to Date

Well we are over half way through the year and it’s time for my real estate sales update for Greenville SC!  I meant to post this end of June but things have been so busy I let it slip by.  So how’s the real estate market in Greenville?  Still on fire!  Yep, the first half of this year was my best and the same for many realtors in Greenville.  Let’s take a look at sales year to date through July and make some comparisons with the same time frame for 2017.

A few points:

These stats come directly from the Greenville MLS.

This is for Greenville County only. 

This is for single family homes and townhomes/condos.

Sold price $100,000 and up.

Average days on market: Stayed practically the same at 47 days.

Units sold: Up 10%

Average sold price: up 5.6%

Total Sales Dollars: Up 16.6%

So you ask, why do I pick Greenville County only?  Cause that’s where the real action is.  Especially the closer you get to Greenville.  What’s the take away?  Well there’s good and bad… Greenville is remaining a very popular place to move to.  The downtown Greenville area is alive and vibrant.  It’s a great place to be!  The downside is inventory is being severely depleted. 

Folks, it’s just tough to find something so that’s why it’s so important you have an exclusive buyer’s agent on your side.  There is a lot of overpriced stuff on the market now.  Don’t make a mistake, buy smart.  If it’s a hot property get someone who knows how to win in competitive bid situations! If it’s a dog, get a real estate agent that will tell you it’s a dog. 

Now here’s a great dog…