Realtors Can’t Always Help Some Buyers

Sometimes a Realtor should just say no.  Especially Buyer’s Agents.  What do I mean?  Folks, sometimes realtors just can’t help buyers.  I’ll give you a perfect example.  I’ve had two buyers this first half of the year contact me to look at a certain community.  I’m not going to name names but I’ve never really been high on these developments.  Let’s just say they have had their ups and downs and now I feel like they are headed in one way only, and that ain’t up folks…

I ran the numbers on one of the locations for a buyer this morning and currently this location has 55 homes for sale and an average days on the market of a whopping 350!  Only 4 sales in the last 3 months which I think is incredible with all the indicators on where this is going.  I know I lost one sale because the people contacted another agent and the last buyer was mainly a looker.  Does it bother me?

Yep, I’ve got a daughter starting vet school and I certainly need the money.  But in the end folks it comes down to doing what I feel is right… and honestly if I don’t feel good about a property or neighborhood, I’ll step away.  That’s just me.  Actually I’ve lost quite a bit of commission over the years by not telling my buyers what they want to hear.

You see, I’m anything but a yes man.  I’m engaged as a buyer’s agent to give a second opinion and if the property, price, location or any other attribute don’t make sense to me, you are going to hear it.  Ya’ll take care and if you need a second opinion and a good buyer’s agent on your side, please call me.


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