No Repairs?

Please Mark It AS Is If No Repairs

Let’s talk real estate. Here’s a scenario. I will have a buyer enter into a transaction in good faith and make a reasonable repair request after inspections. The seller will respond with a no on all the request or will do very minimal things, tighten a screw, etc…. This is one of the most aggravating situations I see today. And I have told listing agents “if the seller intended to sell the home “as is” then they should have marketed it that way.” I’ve even been in situations where the seller is getting close to what they asked for the home and they still won’t make repairs. Yes they are entitled and the buyer can decide what to do based on that, but in many cases it is a seller trying to take advantage of a buyer who has time, effort, expense in the deal and the seller is trying to leverage up. Because folks, sellers really have nothing in the deal.

Well some listings agents and some of you would say “well it’s time off the market”. Just not true. I’ll bet 90% of the pending transactions in the MLS are marked contingent. So what does that mean? The biggest thing it means is that even though the home is under contract it still shows active on most all realtor web sites. That’s right contingent sales, on financing, inspection, etc. show active on most all web sites. So in reality it’s still being marketed.

Back to my point though, if a seller is going to sell a home “as is” then market it “as is”, then buyer knows what they are getting into. Many a deal will fall apart because the seller makes very little effort to repair.

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