Success with Greenville First Time Home Buyers!

First Time Home Buyers, Greenville SC

Good morning all!  Hey, I’ve had quite a few closings with first time home buyers in the Greenville SC area lately and wanted to share a few reviews with you here, Don Wessel Zillow Reviews!  (Last 3 are first time home buyers).

I tell ya, I so enjoy working with first time home buyers.  Being a buyer’s agent it gives me great pleasure helping them purchase their first home in the Greenville area.  Actually I helped one nice fellow buy over in Boiling Springs!  I think he is very happy!

So, why do first time home buyers need help?  Well, this is all new to them.  I’m their guide.  As their buyer’s agent, I show them the homes, I pull the comps and assist with the offer, I help them negotiate a fair price, I guide them through the contract.  After we have a contract, I help with inspections, the attorney and the mortgage if necessary!  I assure that they follow the specifics of the contract, meeting all deadlines.  I help them negotiate any needed repairs.  I assist with any problems that may arise during the transaction.  I help them review the closing statement.  I’m there for the final walk through and finally the closing.  Then the best part.

I get to see that big smile on their face when they are handed the keys to their new home!

Folks, I’ve had a rewarding career as a Greenville SC buyer’s agent and best of all there is never a charge to the buyer!  So all you first time home buyers out there, please let me know if I can help.  My last 4 transactions were with First Time Home buyers!

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