Why I’m a Buyer’s Agent

Good morning  folks!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Gosh we’ve had the rain but hopefully it will clear up by Wednesday.  So, why am I a buyer’s agent?  Why am I one of the few really exclusive buyer’s agents in Greenville SC?  I like people making good decisions!  You see, I used to list homes early in my career and just like every other Tom, Dick, Harry and Linda out there I would list as many homes as I could and pick up buyers who called in requesting a showing or information on that home.  If they wouldn’t buy my home then I’d try and get them to buy another home with me.

Well, I really didn’t like doing business that way.  One thing I didn’t like was that my listing was frequently not the best home for the buyer based on their criteria.  But my job was to work in my seller’s best interest and sell that home.  After a couple of years like this I decided to give up all my listings and focus just on helping buyers in the Greenville area.  Now, I’ve lost plenty of repeat business and money over the years because these buyers I’ve helped can’t use me to list their homes when they go to sell, I don’t get to double dip.

I bring this topic up again because I just had an interesting situation with a very nice couple trying to relocate to the Greenville South Carolina area.  Without getting into all the details they needed a home in the Greenville area fast.  They wanted to buy a home sight unseen, get the owner to allow them early occupancy, move in then wait on their mortgage which would probably take at least 30 days.  Folks, do you see any problems with this?

I understand that people get in a jam and I’m always willing to help but this is a prescription for trouble.  I have helped buyers purchase homes sight unseen but it is rare and only in very special circumstances.  And I was willing to even help here but things just got in a frenzy.  And, that’s when you make mistakes.  First of all you are not going to receive any favorable terms, second, what I like and deem ok you may not, third, you will have to search vacant homes only since no seller is going to move out before your loan is approved…

Long story short, I had a busy day Saturday and couldn’t get around to a couple of homes they wanted me to comment on.  I was able to go out this morning though.  Unfortunately that wasn’t good enough so they decided to use someone else.  You know, I like making money, I like selling homes but I really like to do what is in my buyers best interest.  What I’m trying to say here is when you get in a hurry you make mistakes especially when you don’t know the area and you are relying totally on someone else opinion on the biggest purchase of your life.  You know, I really hope it works out for them cause they are super nice people.

I guess maybe if I wasn’t a buyer’s agent it wouldn’t matter.  Ya’ll have a good one and let me know how I can help.



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